Yesterday, Twitter was in shambles alleged to a squabble between Third Eye and Gwamba.

The two threw jabs at each other grotesquely. Seemingly, this is a long time combat. The proximity between the two went putrid following to a series of misunderstandings.

It is believed that Third eye squeamished after Gwamba stepped down as CEO and artist of his Soul Rebel Entertainment company a few years ago. Speculations spread that Gwamba left because he felt the label was depending on his finances too much and couldn’t take the responsibility anymore.

Inclusively, it is rumored that Third Eye perpetually cajoled Gwamba to persuade Prophet Bushiri to fund the label. Unfortunately, Gwamba ignored to negotiate with his brother in-law on such predicaments.

Apparently, Third Eye don’t want to let sleeping dogs lie. The rapper has foam at the mouth. Yesterday he tweeted that Gwamba, over the years has spread cock and bull stories publicizing that Third Eye beats his mother.

Mandela claims this hasn’t put him and his mother in a good relationship as she kept asking him why he let Gwamba spread such confidential matters. Third Eye then went overboard and started to beef Gwamba that he will take him back to the days when he was a nobody he used to beg him for favors.

Mandela inclusively discredited Gwamba’s benevolences and said he is not a ‘hustler’ but rather a tommyrot who relies on his brother in-law’s riches for his financial stability.

Gwamba later tweeted that Third eye needs to seek mental health awareness as he seems to have signs of schizophrenia or in other words he thinks Third Eye is going mad.

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