Two of the country’s hip-hop heavy weights, Phyzix and Barry one have finally unleashed their anticipated joint album titled “The Dairies” for free download on the Malawi music dot com.

Among other artists seen featured on the 14 track album are GD, Nepman, Bossaro Cyclone, Waxy Kay and also the Na Lero star Nepman.

In the series of interviews the two have had concerning about their joint album, it was revealed that the reason behind this album is to take listeners through the twos artistry lives, achievements and failures they have had in their music careers.

Barry One and Phyzix

“The reason for the joint album is mainly to give people what they did not expect and even satisfy the speculation of those that thought of the idea of the two artists to team up.” explained Barry Uno in one of the interviews in March this year.

Concurring with his counterpart, Phyzix added saying,“We are fans of each other’s work. We are good friends. We represent the two major cities in Malawi. We come from the same generation of Hip Hop. We are at a similar stage in life and it feels right.”

The two artists are considered as some of the HipHop heavyweights the industry has. Both have been in the game for several years and somehow helped to shape the urban part of music in the country.

Their newly released masterpiece has been done under the production of seven producers with GD and Tricky Beats being as main producers.

Below is the tracklist

1 The Diaries

2 Timakukondani

3 Ukanandiona ft Dette Flo

4 Chovala Chosasita

5 Patentha ft Waxy Kay

6 Mental Level ft Dette Flo

7 Vina

8 Captain Bae

9 Feeling Your Body ft GD

10 Wine ft Nepman

11 Relationships

12 Mfana Wa HipHop ft Bossaro Cyclone

13 Zimandiwawa ft Nepman

14 The Diaries Intro


You can also watch their podcast below




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