Following the footsteps of his father, Billy Kaunda’s son who in the music business is known as Brian Billy has released a new single titled “Forgive Them”.

To people that follows Brian Billy, this is not his first song as he previously released another smash hit in 2017 titled “Ndikufuna” on Dj Sley’s production.

According to Billy, the new single “Forgive Them” explains how some people jumps into judging others once they do wrong things forgetting there could be a possibility that themselves had played a role into pushing that particular person to that mistake.

“This song is based on a fact that people always look at how one has wronged them without considering what they did for that someone to wrong them. For example cheating issues were men sweet talk the ladies and end up putting them into sin then later deny them,”explained Billy.

the song art

The artist further added that the song was planned to be released together with its video but due to other difficulties, the video will drop in a few days coming.

Asked if he do music just because his dad is also a musician who has a mark in the industry, Billy answered that he sing because he knows how to sing and he has a passion for doing music.

“I sing because i know how to sing and i love music. I can’t say my father has influenced me to do music because he is much focused in my education and not music. I can ask anything from him about school and he will surely provide it right away without considering the cost but not when it comes to my music….he doesn’t mind, he feels like music will destruct me from concentrating on school,”said Billy.

However, Billy disclosed his dad was part of his inspiration as he was starting music long ago.

“I grew up listening to my dad’s music a lot, memorizing and the like. To me, he is the best in the world its just that Malawi is not developed musically but he would be one of the best musicians of all times.

“He is my role model and the best dad ever so he inspires me when it comes to business and how he manages family issues but not musically, “disclosed Billy.

Meanwhile, to everyone who thought his dad had completely quit music, Billy has a message to you all.

“People think that he quit music but no, he still makes music but just that he is always busy with other things. You will hear from him when he’s all free, music is in our blood and we love who we’re, that will never change,”concluded Billy.

The new single has been recorded at Chit-Chat records by the award winning Lilongwe producer, Dj Sley.

You can download the song here

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