Chiso is a rapper, singer, song writer and beat maker. With influences like Nas and J. Cole his energy and unique story-telling ability gained him popularity both within the Malawian and Kenyan music scene.

Chiso also known as Word or The Addvoket, he was born in Lilongwe, Malawi to Father, Radio Personality Desmond Frank Nkhoma and Mother Edith Nkhoma. At an early age Chiso was introduced to a world of creativity showing interest in fine art and design it primary school. At home his older brother, now Pastor. Gibson, was always bringing his rag tag group of rock and soul music singing friends over to jam and record music – using the Karaeoke function on their family’s old Sony Hi-fi stereo system.

The process of making music fascinated him every time he watched his brother and his friends.

Then he heard something he never thought was possible in Africa, a Rap song – written, recorded and by a Malawian rapper and one that he knew, this made him start to look at music in a different way. Not just as something to appreciate but also contribute to. But it wasn’t until high school (Kamuzu Academy – 1999) that he started to write his own raps.

Inspired by artist like Malawi’s Stix (now David Kalilani) and The Real Elementz, he wrote and performed his own songs on stage for his peers at high school talent shows.

As he finished high school he and his classmate Marko “The Specialist” Zambezi, formed a hip-hop duo the scribes in 2004 and recorded thier frist single “The painting“. The song got critical acclaim and was played on the top radio stations in Malawi.

Later on, Chiso competed in a freestyle rap competition organised by Sprite “What’s Your Thirst” and made all the way to the finals. He then landed a job with the radio station that aired the competition – Power 101 Fm, and hosted two of the hottest hip-hop shows in Malawi in 2005, “The Sprite What’s Your Thirst Show” and “The Hip-Hop Drill” with co-host and fellow rapper Nicolaos “N.I.C.” Giannakis.

In August of ’06 Chiso went to Washington DC, USA to see his older brother. While he performed in poetry clubs and events organised by students at Howard University. In January of ’07 he moved to Kenya where he began work on his first solo project. The Album titled “The World Is Black and White But Love is Grey” featured a song called “Look Around” “I was lucky enough to have been part of a live performance of this…TRES COOL F.Y.I” which was played on popular prime-time show in Kenya “Capital Fm’s Hits Not Homework” on June 24th 2007. On it’s debut the song received rave reviews and shattered the record for most requested and most texts received on the show.

While Kenya he has interacted heavily with industry big names and collaborated with artists like Didge (Kenya), Abbas Kubaff (Kenya), Pam (Kenya), Scar (Botswana), Zubz (South Africa), Big Mike (Kenya) and Xtatic (Kenya).

With close to a decade and a half (15 years) of experience as a professional recording artist, Chiso is able to captivate and inspire listeners with songs that are full of energy but also carry portrayals of relatable human experiences.

After a long break Chiso decided to release single; “One Thing” featuring the eclectic sounds of Kenyan songstress Wairimu “Nimo” N’garu.

The song is based on the true accounts of the people in his life. It’s about love, life and how sometimes things don’t turn out the way you’d hope.

The song sports a modern but lyrical hip-hop flow in the verses set to contemporary hip-hop beat with a chopped up RnB vocal on the hook. download the song here.

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