It’s no secret that The Ghetto King Kong and The Nyau King have attained the legendary status in the urban music world with both of them contributing to the shaping of urban music as we know it today.

Tay Grin started in the hip hop bracket and as time went by, Grin diversified, venturing into other genres.

Grin’s move was met with mixed reactions where by fans pointed out that he had sold out and some said he saw no future in the genre since the brewing young talent was better than him. As much as there is truth in those allegations, the fact is Grin is a calculated artist, he re-branded himself from a fused Nyau hip hop artist, to a complete artist, bringing the unexpected to people’s ears which mismerised both fans and hater alike, releasing hit after hit.

Apart from that, Grin’s social media endeavors are a topic of discussion with his hair styles coming under scrutiny in the process becoming a subject of memes which helps as people follow him. He is also an ambassador for several organizations which help his popularity in rural areas where social media isn’t common.

Fredokiss on the other hand stayed in the hip hop lane, maturing from beef and gangster rap, to social and political rap in the process becoming the ghetto mouth piece as he advocates about the struggles youths are facing and how the government has failed to empower youths and also encouraging the youth to pick up the mantle and empower themselves.

This certified Fredokiss as the voice for the voiceless, challenging that change take place in both the Government and the youth.

Fredo’s music is relatable, making him popular among the youth and the elderly alike, Fredo not only talks the talk, he also walks the talk as his Fredokiss Scholarship has reached alot of struggling youths, helping them continue their education by paying their school fees, buying books and other essentials. This cemented Fredo’s place in our hearts despite the vendettas.

To sum it all up, Fredokiss and Tay Grin despite their differences are relevant to the game coz they make relevant music and they are involved in the community which is why they are the two most popular urban musicians in the country.

Source : Malawi Rap Battle & Entertainment  (Purified)

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