Phagocyte is a well known Malawian Hip Hop Legend base in Zomba, Whose real name is Vincent Tambulasi. He has released six mix-tapes and currently working on his first ever album “The PathFinder”, which is to be released on 31st December, 2018.

Phagocyte is known for his vehement hardcore bars on several hip-hop beats and some beef songs put him in a limelight, songs like Nkhonya yobwenza Kuwawa (Diss song to Money Gangsters Crew based in Zomba), No More War, Who am i and Chuma. “The Book Of Sad Songs The Mix-tape” is one of those great mix-tapes ever release in Malawi’s Hip Hop Clan.

Uncle Cyte collaborated with some real Hip Hop heads – the likes of Third-Eye, Evenz Musik, Autocrat, Cyantist, Slacon D, Postnegativ, Torpedo, Acetripper just to mention afew.

“The Path finder Album is building up concretely and we are set to release it on the 31st December, 2018. Our moto was,is, and will always be the uplifting and emancipation of men’s souls.” Phagocyte narrated.

“While many have claimed to do it for Hip Hop, only a few things has been done to preserve it as many of us are filled with greed, impatience, hate and unnecessary ego. We are not on competition and probably not on any political motivations. Since we were teenagers, all we wanted was to Rap. Large up to all those who have been patient enough. Enjoy Soul Hip Hop from your one and only Path finder Cyte Legacy” Malawi Music Journalist¬† quoted Phagocyte.

Download his song here Never Change

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