Chavura’s song “Anatha Response” which is a response to Seven O More’s Anatha controversial song has finally become a big song at the moment as both the two songs continue to receive mixed reactions from fans.

This has been observed as Chavura’s song has today, 23rd January topped up the Malawi music weekly chart – removing the original Anatha song from the top position.

As one would simply suggest, the success of the two songs comes in due to the controversial state of the first song, Anatha which featured Mazz Openga.

After the song came out, a debate stirred on social media as some people claimed the rapper was aiming shots at people mentioned in the song.

In his song, Seven O More whose real name is Lovemore Allan Majuta makes fun of musicians and other renowned personalities in the disciplines of sports and broadcasting among others, who long sank into oblivion after skill-erosion.

And for that reason, some people believed the hit song is a provocative beef song, claims which the owner dismissed saying it’s nothing personal.

After listening to the song, Chavura who usually thinks out of the box took advantage of his name mentioned in it and thought of responding – perhaps he wanted to trend also.

He made efforts promoting the song on social media and luckily it worked out for him.

However, the competition is still stiff on the chart as there are some songs that are likely to take over Chavura’s position.

Legendary Lucius Banda has recently released a new song titled Moyo Wa Msilikali which is also doing well; Martse also has a new tune titled Shame On You and Shammah Vocals who recently held a podcast with Malawi Music Team also has two new songs, My Zoe and Uli Ndi yesu that are also aiming at top position.

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