Malawi’s top international Reggae dance-hall artist Blasto on 06 January, 2019 hosted a Back to School Charity event at Biwi LEA school in Lilongwe to support kids with donations of school materials, dental care materials, nutritional advice and inspirational words from Blasto’s friends who are also some of Malawi’s successful professionals.

The donations was massively appreciated by Biwi primary pupils and It will make a difference in their education.

“There are 143 desks Biwi LEA school in one block, this class is now used as a storage space, if these desks were fixed, it only needs wood to put it together, the steel is in great condition. Any support will be greatly appreciated” Blasto’s friend Spiwe Zulu said.

“It will allow kids to have one extra classroom as well as 143 repaired desks to seat on, the school is in need more support and donations to give the kids the best place for learning.” Spiwe added.

“Thanks to everyone who showed some love for the back to school Jamboree at Biwi L.E.A school. All volunteers and donors your contributions made it possible for over 450 pupils to go back home with a parcel of Exercise books, ballpoint pens, laundry soap, tooth brushes, toothpaste and the adolescent girls also got sanitary pads and lessons on how to make them.” Blasto said in an interview with MalawiMusic Reporter.

“From the motivational talks to the oral hygiene lessons by Teeth savers organisation dentists and all that took place we were pleased with the discipline of the students and the support from the school stuff” Blasto added.

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