The Ras Amadya Mzimbe hitmaker, Sally Nyundo is this April set to bounce back as he plans to release 10 CD music album and also two videos.

This comes after Sally Nyundo who is currently based in South Africa took a two year break from music business.

He confirmed in a recent interview about the release of the CD and the videos.

“Currently, I’m based in South Africa and busy recording my new album titled “Sanctified” which will come out in April.

“I think it is time to break the silence, after 2 years; my last album was in 2016,” Nyundo said.

The reggae artist said his impending album has songs like Suffer in silenceMwachita Zazikulu and Ingotola mwala.

He added that his two break from music is because he has been busy with school in the rainbow nation.

“The silence comes in because I’m studying in South Africa. Again, as the saying goes, ‘A good wine takes time to be ready’, I had to take some time off to come up with good songs for my fans,” Nyundo said.

He then told his fans to anticipate a masterpiece album.

“My message to our fans is that they should expect very different album from the previous ones. This album is more of my life experience and it is more intimate to many soul journeys.

The songs were produced and mastered by Chris Kele and are being recorded at Blue Arts Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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