Catholic priest Father Kafunsa has today released a new song titled “Ndithawire Kuti” in which he sings against the continued killings of people living with albinism.

In the three minute song, the singer has featured a fellow artist by the name of Ceaser whom he also previously featured on a song titled “Size Yakana” which was released last year in December.

The priest disclosed in an interview that the decision to do the song came after reflecting the current situation regarding the abductions and killings of albino people.

“I have been reflecting on current situations regarding the abductions of our sisters and brothers living with albinism hence I thought I should sit down with my boys from our church band, St Egidio Band to do a song about it”, said Father Kafunsa.

The singer dismissed claims being spread by some people that there are some politicians who are politicizing these matters in order to win people’s hearts.

“We shouldn’t be quit. It’s sad that most people are saying these problems have been politicized. But how many people we have in this country living with albinism? Is it right to call the actions to protect them as political?” he questioned.

In the past years, some people would spread rumours that albino people do not die but rather they just disappear but according to priest Kafunsa, it was being said purposely to cover up these evil dealings.

“As a child, i was growing up with the mentality that people with albinism never die. They just disappear. I believe it’s a taboo that was planted in us while hiding the real problem on the ground.

“When I heard one famous Musician, Joseph Zigoma been an albino i said to myself that I have to see if really he will just disappear But we all know how his life ended,” he said while urging the general public to embrace the albinos as they are human beings as other people.

The new song “Ndithawire Kuti” has been produced by Don Foxxy and can be downloaded here

Meanwhile, the singer is currently in the works of his debut album slated for release later in the year.

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