A young business man by the name of Andrew Makupe who is based in Mchinji has come out in open to offer financial help to resurrect Thomas Chibade’s music career which now seem to have hit the sand.

Yesterday, a picture of the singer surfaced online and received a mixed reaction from people over his present appearance which was described as not pleasing as compared to the past years when Chibade’s hits were everywhere.

Makupe who also happens to be a die-hard fan of Chibade said he is saddened by the singer’s current situation and hopes to invite the singer to Mchinji so the two can have a chat on how they can bring the old Chibade back.

“Chibade’s situation is no laughing matter. Let’s learn to come in when our entertainers hit their bottom low,” Makupe was quoted.

Makupe says he is ready to fund the singer’s full studio album and also fund his live performances afterwards.

More to follow…

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