Some people thought Anatha. But after a short hiatus, Mafo has released a new song that will definitely see him gaining back his position.

Speaking at Malawi music studio in Blantyre, Mafo said he is optimistic that the new song “Uzizidziwa” will prove to the nation that he still has skills and capabilities of making good music despite the passing of time.

He said in the new song, “I am appreciating the beauty of a lady in an exaggerating type of a way.”

When asked what kept him away from making music, the Good Shuldren member said he was busy with studies as he recently ventured into teaching career.

“A person is not supposed to be focusing on one thing in life. And for that reason, I would say I was also focusing on another thing which is school since I am now training to become a professional teacher.”

Lastly, he dismissed claims that “Anatha” saying if it was in that case his name would have been mentioned in Seven O More’s controversial song but he wasn’t mentioned because he is still good at music.




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