Hip-hop artist, Martse has recently had time to clarify more about his latest song “Woloka” which features a new guy by the name Magic Mic.

According to Martse, the Woloka song was inspired by what the artist himself went through in life which some of the situations were challenging but he ended up making it.

“In the song I talk about what l have gone through actually and what fellow youths are going through at the moment. That was the drive behind it,” said Martse.

The Mwano star said because he was an artist, life in college was not all that fair as he was being considered as a cocky young man to the extent that some lectures would give him lower marks.

“Sometimes l would put on a hat or a pair of headphones when patronizing classes. Other lecturers were not happy with that though it was part of my lifestyle and they ended up giving me lower grades than I deserved. That is why in the song I rap that even when you did not fail you would still get a lower grade than the passing mark.”

In the song, Martse also recalled of how he spent a night in a police cell over issues that had nothing to do with him.

“In the song I indicate as well that it is possible for one to spend a night in a police cell even when you have committed no crime. By that I was referring to sometime back that I spent a night in a police cell because my friend was involved in a fight in a district I went to perform.

“Without a clear picture of the state of affairs, some people reported me to the police and I was arrested. Be aware that l have a lot of fake friends and they started spreading rumours concerning a situation they did not understand and “yeah” I had to recall this,” he said.

As of late, the Lilongwe based artist has been busy working on his debut album titled “Truth Only” which he say will be ready for release later in the year.

The song “Woloka” was released on March 26 under the production of Mwanie and M Stix and it now boosts over 40 thousand downloads. Download it here    

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