By Flora Mitumba

‘Madando’ is a Chewa word used by typical Chichewa speakers which means complaints in the queen’s language.

The word was subsequently used by Malawi Electoral commission (MEC) chairperson Justice Jane Ansah whenever she was addressing the press in Chichewa.

Gospel artist, Patience Namadingo has not spared the word “Madando’ but to release a single bearing it as its title.

What’s more fascinating about the song, though, is the merging of the message and the instrumentals.

The song strongly laughs at politicians as selfish and abusive people who only use their supporters, especially the youths for their personal gains without considering the future of would be leaders.

Namadingo begins by asking politicians how they feel when they see young people leaving Malawi for other countries in search for piece works.

He further questions political leaders how they feel when they go and enjoy overseas, in the countries that are well developed and yet Malawi is in rugs.

Namadingo then sends a clear message to the selfish politicians that when time comes for the society to judge them, no sympathy will be felt on them since it is the work of their hands that will speak for them.

Meanwhile, the song will be up for download soon.

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