In the latest news, Blantyre’s youngest rapper Waxy K has bragged about his prosperity saying he does not have time to try hard to out rap other artists on a track but rather has time to spend his monies.

Waxy’s sentiments could be in response to his critics who have for a time now been throwing jabs at the rapper saying “Anatha”.

It is noted that Waxy’s music hasn’t been making a lot of noise as it used to be when he was first getting himself known to the audience during the time he released “My Foot” and “Za Zii” – a development that has since granted his critics rights to be taunting him.

Addressing the critics, Waxy took to social media saying, “Hello anyamata amaflanga, ndilibe nthawi yomudya munthu munyimbo ndili ndi nthawi yodya ndalama,” he posted while holding a bunch of 2000 kwacha notes in his hands.

Just last month, the My Foot star took to Facebook to announce that through his music, he has managed to purchase a minibus.

“Anthu akhala akuyankhula zambili pakatipa koma nakhala chete chifukwa ndimaziwa chomwe ndikupanga, ndalama zomwe ndinapanga kudzela ku luso lamayimbidwe langa linandipangisa kugula studio yanga komanso minbus,” read part of his Facebook post.

Malawi Music Team was interested to verify from Waxy himself if the story is really true since some people had described the claims as just a mere way to capture people’s attention.

In an online interview, Waxy said, “Zimenezo ndi zoona ndinagula minibus koma siinayambe kuyenda munsewu. Ndimapanga kaye za misonkho ndi zina zotero, paja inetu ndi big man kwambiri mukudziwa.”

Just recently, the rapper has released a new song titled “Zokonda Anthu Okongola” and you can download it here

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