A promising up and coming dancehall artist, Chemical has put out a new song titled “Naneso Ndingathe” in which he is spreading a positive message among people with all kinds of disabilities and also those that are considered as minorities.

The Area 49 based artist features T-Trust on the newly released song which its production has been handled by DJ Sley at Chit Chat records.

In a recent interview, Chemical revealed to the MFM Team the motivation behind the song.

“What really motivated me to compose such a song is the current situation in Malawi where albinos are being killed mercilessly for rituals. On the other hand, I noted that they are some people who are considered inferior and they go through all sorts of abuses, like the elderly people being accused of witchcraft practice, premature girls being forced into marriage with older men and also those living with HIV being mocked by the community over the disease, “he explained.

He said after observing the circumstances surrounding all these people, he decided to name the track “Naneso Ndingathe” to act as a mouth piece to them and restore confidence that they can do anything in the world despite their situations.

To prove his flexibility in doing different genres, “Naneso Ndingathe” was recorded in a hip-hop style and not dancehall that he’s known for. 

According to him, Naneso Ndingathe will soon have visuals. He also admitted that he has other upcoming projects like a video shoot of his song, “God Help I”, and a few collabos with some well-known artists in the game.

Chemical started doing music in 2013 when he was in form 1 after being influenced by his friend who introduced him to hip-hop genre.   He later got more interested in Dancehall music after meeting with friends like, Conscious Vybz, Catalyst and YC Hemper who were doing dancehall music.

In 2018, he released a track “Burn Dem “ and it received warm welcome as it was being played on many local radios.

His other songs include, “Bad Minded People”, “Mean It” just to mention a few.

Download the song here

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