The upcoming reggae star Emmanuel Chikaonda has emerged as reviver of reggae gospel with his single titled Ndizaitanira” which was released a couple of weeks ago and slowly going viral with many applauses from many reggae fanatics.

With the song in the offing, Chikaonda might join the likes of likes of Gift fumulani, Moda, fumulani,Yanjanani Chumbu and many off season reggae gospel artists. His latest single talks about how he cherishes the lord and rely on his love in his day to day to day life, in the song chikaonda fuses his amazing vocals with biblical scriptures in a way that attracts Christians and non-Christians to love his touch.

The singer describes his new song as a start of a journey in his life. ‘I want Malawians to accept and embrace my music, because a lot of people confuses reggae to bad behaviors I want them to understand that reggae is also music the lord accepts ‘he added.

Speaking on his future in music Chikaonda says Malawians should expect a lot more from him while distancing himself to musician that disappears after one single ‘very soon I will be coming out with new music and I will also inform the country about my album before the end of this year 2019’ he explains

Download “Ndidzaitanira” song here —>>

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