One of the talented musicians in the country Lulu real name Lawrence Khwitsa, has said he is happy to release his sixth album Better in Your Arms which has a combination of gospel and love songs.

The album which is carrying 12 songs is expected to be released and launched on September 7 this year at Bingu International Convention Center (BICC) in Lilongwe.

Complementing the works of his hands, Lulu said he is delighted to give people an album with powerful message.

“I am not saying the other albums were not powerful; the previous albums are good but this one is different in that it has many gospel songs in it. All I ask people is to listen to the songs and they will never be the same,” Lulu said.

The artist has already dropped some of the songs from the collection on the market and they include ‘Hannah’ and ‘Undipweteka’.

The title track of the album focuses on God’s love.

“As human beings, we pretend to love but when you look around you see that our love is not genuine and it changes.

There are times you see people accepting the responsibility to look after orphans but they end up ill-treating them; hence, the title. All I am saying is that God’s love is genuine and does not cease,” Lulu said.

When asked if this means that Lulu is now a gospel artist, the mbambande hit maker said he started singing gospel songs way back only that he want to do more.

“I started doing gospel songs long time ago, only that, this time, I want to do more. Gospel songs talk to me as well. There are a lot of things that come out when you listen to God’s words. When coming up with these songs, you actually do not have to create as we do with other songs, where the stories are sometimes fiction; the message just comes to you,” the singer and guitarist said.

He made reference to some of the love songs he has dropped which have won him the hearts of many.

“For instance the song ‘Bondiya’, where I talk about a Mozambican lady, is something I just decided to create and likewise ‘Mwachenjera’. But gospel songs are always the best, they are songs for the soul and it is my prayer that everything I have sang in the songs should happen,” Lulu said with a smile.

The artist, who through his studio has also developed a website to reach out to people across the world with his services, said the album has love songs as well.

“There is so much work I have put into the album and I am also doing a lot in terms of the launch. I have been launching albums but this one will not be the same, it will be different and I am looking forward to a launch that will bring a change in people’s lives.”

He described his journey in music as full of ups and downs.

“Some companies have come out to support me and I would like to thank them for that. There is still more to do and so I am still looking for that support,” the ‘Kumalembe’ star said.

Despite working on an album titled Rivers of Life (Mpumulo) last year, Lulu, said the last time he put his own project on the ground was in 2016.

“Rivers of Life was not my project and again we did not do much but this is my own project and it has taken me time working on the songs,” the artist said.

Some of the songs in the album are ‘Nena Zam’mtima’ and ‘Bayethe’.

His previous albums are Mbambande, Kumalembe, Sindilola, Ndakudziwa and Mwayenera.

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