Jane Ansah

Controversial hip-hop artist Mwiza Chavura is at it again and this time he has poked both Seven O More and his friend Mazo Openga in a Facebook post which he compared the two artists’ current prominence to that of Malawi Electoral Chairperson Jane Ansah.

Jane Ansah

Writing on his Facebook timeline which is always full of ridicules, the controversial rapper who was once arrested over a song said Mazo Openga and Seven O More were just one hit wonders as their song “Anatha” did not push their names up to the level where Jane Ansah’ name is right now.


“Jane Ansah is the most famous person in Malawi right now, she has become so famous Seven O More and Manzo Openga are jealous, their one hit wonder track didn’t push them this far,” wrote Chavura.

Perhaps this could be Chavura’s vengeance time as we may recall Mazo Openga and Seven O More mentioned his name as among the entertainers whose prominence collapsed.

Meanwhile, Mazo Openga and Seven O More have not responded yet.

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