In Malawi, most Urban artists are known for investing in Clothing Line  to promote their brand or album sales while some are into alcoholic beverages but Piksy has gone out of his way by introducing Water Brand called “MOYO NATURAL SPRING WATER”.

The maestro Artist  has launched Moyo Water brand last Friday, 23rd August, 2019  in Blantyre and the launch was hosted by Blak Jak Chekalonda (One Of the great Television and Radio Presenter as well as Music Artist).

Piksy Performing at the Launch

Most cerebrated artists attended the Launch and performed, the likes of Bossaro Ice, Mfumu Hyphen, Saint, Stich Fray, Barry One and others.

Speaking to Malawi-music Team, Piksy said that he has already started receiving more support from his fans and other Top Business Gurus across the country and he aims on international market.

“We invested in something that can be consumed by any person regardless of age, faith, gender or race” Piksy’s manager Wisdom Phanga said

Phanga & Piksy Showing Moyo Natural Water Package

“Artists need to invest in something that their kids and families can benefit from while they are busy recording or on performance tours,”  Phanga added

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