The use of fluorescent lights in music videos has become every videographers’ way of proving skills, but not everybody is happy about it.

Nepman’s manager, Kabol Lombwe seems to be one of the people who are very much worried over frequent use of fluorescents in almost every music video coming up these recent days.


The manager whom Nepman also featured in his Na Lero hit took to facebook to express his concern.

“Laziness is slowly clipping into the minds of most Videographers; every new music video from Malawi is no different from another. Most videographers are abusing fluorescent lights, video iliyonse zi ma lights izi mbwee, what happened to creativity,” posted Kabol while stressing that the sentiments are not out of hate but observation.

Fluorescent lights sprayed in Waxy K’s ZAO video

The MFM Team however is not taking sides but it has indeed observed an over-use of fluorescent lights in some music videos like the recently released Jay Jay C’s “Ya Ma Yoh  Ndi Ma Ras”, Spyral’s “Frisky”, Waxy K’s “Z.A.O”, Lackie’s “Temporary” video, just to mention a few.

Meanwhile, we are yet to hear the videographers reaction over Kabol’s sentiments.

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