The new song “Undisainire” released by Janta this week has brought up controversy as an upcoming afro-pop artist Prosper Chisale claims he is the main man behind the idea of the song.

According to Prosper who has also released a song titled “Njinga“, the first version of the song was performed by him and recorded by Janta at his studio in 2018 but was never released. He says he had been pushing Janta to release the song but to no avail.

“I came up with the concept in 2018 and decided to record at Janta’ studio. However, the release of the song was being delayed by him until I got the news that he was dropping a new song with a concept same as mine.


“I heard the news from a friend who sent me a video clip of Janta’ version of my song. And that was after I completed my session payment, “said Prosper.

Below is the snippet of the song that Prosper claims he first did in 2018

He added that as the issue stands now he is not planning to take any action against the Wangongole hit-maker.

“I will take no action. Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the fear of winning,”he said.

On his part, Janta refuted Prosper’s claims saying things didn’t go as how Prosper explained.

He says Prosper approached Janta at his studio as he was making the song and after he (Prosper) listened to it, he liked it and asked Janta for a collabo on the same song.

“The guy asked me a collabo on the song after he found me recording it at my studio and I allowed him, “ said Janta adding that Prosper even asked him (Janta) to help write lyrics for the song.


“After I allowed him, it happened that I did not like his delivery on the song so I reversed my decision and figured I should do it alone as I had planned before he came in.”

Janta further added that after hearing news that Prosper is claiming the song its his, he tried to call him but Prosper could not pick up his calls.

This is not the first time for news of this kind to have happened as we all recall that there had been a misunderstanding previously between Blaze and Ril B over “Mwini Zinthu” song as both the two were claiming ownership of the song.

As that is not enough, Nepman and Black Nina also went through the same kind of issues after the release of “Chilawe Changachi”. Reports had it that Nepman included the song in his album – a thing that Black Nina said was not supposed to happen as the “Na Lero” star appeared in the song only as a featured artist and not that the song was originally his.

You can listen to Janta’s new song here


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