Dan Lu

Dan Lu has released a new song “Mukabadwe Kasanu” which seems to be a response to all his critics.

The musician has for so long been subjected to criticism from a certain group of people who probably sees a problem with the musicians’ personal life and also his music.

In the new song, the musician is setting the record straight addressing his haters saying “Mwachepa Mukabadwe Kasanu”.

“What Lord has given me, no one can take it away/ Satana undimve, hater undimve wachepa ukabadwe kasanu/ Mwandikumbira dzenjeee, mwiniwake ndisanazime, dyabulosi undimve, hater undimve wachepa ukabadwe kasanu,” sings Dan Lu as he addresses all people from all the three regions in the country.

the song artwork

In the second verse of the song, the musician takes us on a short walk in the holy bible with references of how Joseph was sold by his own relatives but later turned out to be the most admirable person and also how Daniel was thrown to the Lions but nothing bad happened to him.

“Daniele tadzuka uwauze/anakuponya mu dzenje la mikango/ ankayesa ngati ikudya koma nono/unkangotchira nayo, anachepa akabadwe kasanu/”

Just recently, critics were on his neck after he posted a photo of his sweetheart, Katarina posing on a BMW that he stated he had bought it for her as a birthday gift.

Katarina posing with her new BMW that Dan Lu bought for her

Despite some positive comments the singer received over the development, some people disagreed with Dan Lu saying he was not the one who had bought the luxurious vehicle as he does not have enough money to afford such an expensive car as a birthday gift for his wife.

You may also know that the Afro-pop star has been getting all sorts of criticism ever since he started releasing songs campaigning for DPP. Those not in support of this argue that he has lost direction in music and by associating himself with politics, he’s losing some of his fans.

But in a recent interview with Malawi Music Team, Dan Lu said, “Everybody was born already affiliated with politics its just a matter of time until you start showing signs.”

The new song is off the forthcoming album “Game Changer” which Dan Lu says will be released this year, 2020. Download it here

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