A few days after uttering words that awakened up angry hearts of some Malawians referring Lulu as just a legend in making, singer Patience Namadingo has humbled himself to come in the open and finally declare Lulu as a legend.

Writing on his official facebook account, Namadingo said he was set to release a new tune today but he has postponed the release to Tuesday in a bid to give himself space to make peace with Lulu over the “Legend” issue that seem to have recently divided the two.

He said after reading Lulu’s response in a certain article in Nation newspaper, he felt it was important to say sorry and and withdraw his statement towards the Mbambande hit-maker.

“I read my brother’s word inscribed neatly in the pages of the Thursday Nation Newspaper reported by Edith Gondwe. The words were a dagger unto my heart.

In referring to the article in mention, Lulu was quoted saying “Namadingo is my friend. He should have consulted me before going to the public, if I say he has not offended me then I will be lying.”

Prior to that response, Lulu made his first response on the issue through a whatsapp status that read, “Music has got a big room for all of us, don’t hate a fellow musician.”


In addition to his apology to Lulu and finally declaring him a legend writing “I am happy to say with a pure heart that LULU IS A LEGEND” , the Mtendere hit maker has also found an opportunity to invite Lulu to his Mash-Up session.

“I am extending my Invitation to my brother Lulu The Legend with love and total admiration to join me on a Mash Up that we his fans have longed for so desperately. I am ready any day to do a Mashup with the greatest of our time Lulu.”

He added, “And I hope his fans also forgive me as we wait for his response to a great mashup as brothers in music.”

Meanwhile, Lulu is yet to respond to the invitation.


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