A group of musicians yesterday have agreed to start performing live shows despite the government not lifting the ban on large gatherings.

A few weeks ago, the Malawi government – in its efforts to contain the spread of the deadly Coronavirus imposed some restrictions to be observed including the banning of huge gatherings, which was seen affecting schools, live shows and political rallies.

However, political parties have recently been holding rallies across the country – a thing that some musicians have described as unfair to them as they are denied the same opportunity to host gatherings through live shows.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday in the capital, Lilongwe, the chairperson of the group Wendy Harawa said they (musicians) will resume organizing and holding live shows just as politicians are doing in holding political rallies amid Coronavirus pandemic.

“We will have resume to holding gigs. Politicians are holding meetings of hundreds of people and no action is being taken against them. So we can as well hold shows,” said Harawa.

Harawa added that politicians are being seen across the country holding rallies without observing social distance.

Since the banning of live performances, several artists like Lucius Banda, Thoko Katimba, Skeffa Chimoto, Khama Khwiliro and others have been in forefront expressing their displeasure with government for the selective application of the restriction measures on covid-19. Perhaps the recent meeting could help them find a relief.

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