Faith DJ released Amazing Love EP on 14 February 2021. The EP featured various versions of the song she sang on her wedding day, which she surprised her French husband with.

Amazing Love is the first non-hip-hop song written and released by Faith Dj and she shares how the song and the EP came about.

Before the Wedding

Faith Dj explains that “the song came to me in a dream, literally. It was the first time that a song has come to me that way, but seems to have unlocked something in my spirit because recently I have had music coming to my heart in my sleep. On the Amazing Love aspect, I literally woke up and started recording a voice note. The tune and the words of Amazing Love (Original Version) as you hear them were in my heart so strong. It’s the first time I have written a love song and a purely singing song and also a song in three languages!”.

What followed was she reached out to Yang Chitika and asked him to play the song on the wedding and the first time anyone else heard it was at the wedding in Blantyre, Malawi.

She first did a poem she had written for her husband, then the song to the live guitar. This led to tears in her husband’s eyes, expressing love in English French and Chichewa.

After the Wedding

Just over a year later, she started working to record the song and release it so it can be heard by her husband and others may use it to express their love to their special someone whether at weddings or other occasions.

First TNO produced the original version as was played at the wedding, the studio keys being played by his brother YMC and Yang provided some ideas that brought about three more versions. First, the distortion guitar version played by Praise Droit and produced by Ab Malinga; second a danceable jam which is the afro-pop version also produced by AB Malinga and the only hip-hop track in the EP and finally another danceable jam which is a mix of the distortion guitar and African feel that’s produced by TNO.

Amazing Love EP Tracklist

The EP also has three instrumentals to appreciate the creative synergy from all the artists and instrumentalists and the creative direction of Yang Chitika. “I was perfectly happy with just the original version, but all these guys brought this EP to live into something more and my husband loves each and every version! It was my Valentines gift when I released it.” The EP is available at Malawi Music for free download and can also be streamed on the Faith DJ official artist Channel on youtube.

Faith Dj and hubby


Key Message

I think that its important for the ladies to appreciate their husbands as well. A lot of love songs are the men talking about the women. More importantly, I want to highlight the blessing of a godly love and the blessing of marriage. Because the bible says for husbands to love your wives as Christ loves the Church. I very much appreciate how much my husband loves me and music and poetry are the best ways that I express myself. I hope that others can also use my songs to appreciate their lovely husbands.

Faith says she will be releasing her album in the next few months so people should watch out for that 😊

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