Made See and Namadingo have since fall apart

Patience Namadingo has responded to a viral video of a young artist, Mad See in which he was accused of offering zero financial assistance to the 17-year-old upcoming artist even after he had promised to do so.

Reacting to the young artist’s claims, Namadingo said the lad should not be castigated but instead should be offered assistance to save him from “self-destruct mode.”

“I look at him as a boy who still needs a lot of help. At the moment, he is his biggest problem. He needs to be saved from himself otherwise he has set himself on a wrong path. It appears he is getting wrong advice from somewhere,” he said.

Last year, Namadingo with the help of FDH Bank plc, offered support to Mad See to help him make breakthrough in music. He was also offered a chance to enroll at North Park Private Boarding School.

However, reports have indicated that Mad See was expelled from the school after he was caught with chamba, his mother told National Publications Limited in an interview.

The young artist has on the other side branded the reports as blue lies. He said he was not at school campus because he had gone home to collect money for up-keep.

The mother told National Publication Limited that she was not aware of the differences that have risen between her son and Namadingo as the latter has not yet briefed her.

Meanwhile, fans on social media are still debating whether is Namdingo who was wrong or Mad See.


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