Kaysher The Voice, real name John Philimon is a Malawian upcoming Afro-pop gospel artist from Mzimba.

His music journey started way back in 2010.

He became well known after recording his first single titled ‘By Fire By Force’ and it was produced by Jay Emm.

According to Kaysher, the voice of God inspires him to make music every time, that is why he calls himself the “Voice”.

“The voice of God Keeps on coming to me, that’s why i even call myself the voice,” he said.

He grew up listening to Hilsong Worship, an Australian praise and worship group and locally fancied Paul Chaphuka’s music.

Kaysher has a goal of penetrating the international markets, selling Malawi to the whole world.

“I want to hit international and lift the flag for Malawi”.

Malawians have pointed out Kaysher The Voice as natural successor of Afro-pop gospel king Sharma Vocals because of his unique style of singing.

Kaysher said he wants to do his own music, his own style that nobody has never imagined.

“I want to sing like no gospel artist has done it before in Malawi, even Sharma Vocals,” he said.

This year, he has already released one song titled “Sanganditaye”.

It is a warning to all gospel musicians who are in the game that he is coming to claim his spot.

Download Sanganditaye Here: CLICK

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