Malawian hip-hop artist, Charisma has announced a new track ‘Move’ with South Africa’s award winning star, EMTee Da hustler to be released on 7 March.

According to Charisma, he wants to penetrate the South African music industry through this song.

He will become second Malawian artist to collaborate with Emtee after Gwamba in ‘Own Time’.

Hip-hop followers in Malawi have applauded Charisma saying its another step in the music industry.

Check out some comments by Malawians on Charisma’s upcoming track:

Yamikani Macduff Chisky Chisakasa wrote; 7th march its a lucky day, Its gonna be my birthday, i surely know its gonna be lit, bububu with #Team_ madness#.

Gibonaldo Himonie said; Hit after Hit mesa,,wishing u all the best koma chonde ma verse akakhale a English not like za anzanu aja.

BlackNina Malawi commented; Waipatsa moto nzanga.

Vago Vago commented; Even ARTWORK yafotokoza Kare kut it’s another Hit men….. Charizzzzz.

Mwale Emmanuel wrote; Charisma always do agood work…. With emtee obviously will be the hottest song this month.

Icon Ramzi said; #March_madness looking forward to this hit.


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