Marco Sadik has thrown heavy punches on jealousy people who show fake smile on you while they talk bad about you on the other side in his new track ‘Sudziwa’.

Sadik is not happy with tendency of other people who pretend to be happy when you are progressing in life, they pretend to be advisors and they show love with ill intentions.

‘Malangizo ngati amakukonda, chonsencho akukuzonda, nsangala pamaso mukakumana, kumabali akukunyoza,” quoted from the song.

Marco says jealousy people always betray you, they ask you stop doing something for them to take advantage of it.

He gave an example of house wife, people or your friends may come to her asking for hand in marriage while they already know that she is married, they come to you, talk bad about her so that you should really leave her for them to take your place.

“Mwamunayo umuleke, chonsecho akumufuna, nkaziyo umuleke, kumbali akumufunsira, anthu ena ma jealousy sakondwa zako zikamayenda,” quoted from the song.

He also went against the behavior of friends who leave you when you are in shambles or things are not working for you.

‘Akonda kukwera yopopa, koma safuna kupopa nawo, akonda kukwera ya moto, koma safuna kusonkha nawo.”

Marco has warned people to be alert with their friends because they do not know what they think, plan when they are on their own ‘mtima wanzako ndi tsidya lina’.

He has urged them to choose carefully who to share their problems with to avoid being betrayed tomorrow.

Listen to Sudziwa here: CLICK

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