Local artist, Successor has dropped ‘Mwananga Wapita’ a tribute to Malawi’s hip hop icon Martin Nkhata well known as Martse who died a week go.

In an interview with Malawi-music.com, Successor said ‘Mwananga Wapita’ is song in which he is crying for the death young and energetic youths who would have contributed to growth of Malawi in all sectors.

He said such deaths cause a lot of pain among the family members and close friends.

“Mwananga wapita is song that is dedicated to those youth who died prematurely, so this death causes a lot of pain to their families,” he said

He gave an example of late Martse who died at the age of 28, saying he was one of artists who uplifted Malawi music industry. He inspired a lot of youth in the Ghetto with his positive vibe and success.

Successor said the death of Martse is a big blow to Malawi music industry and shall forever be remembered with his unique hip hop style.

“Death of Martse is like we have big injury in music industry because he strived to maintain his position and he was only outstanding hip-hop artist….So it is same as we lost other part of the body in Music industry…MHSRP,” he said.

Martse died on 23 April, 2022 at Queen Elizabeth Central hospital after he suffered burns after a house he slept in Monkey Bay, Mangochi caught fire.

Meanwhile, Successor has promised to deliver best songs to his fans this year and onwards as he is set to release another tune soon including collaborations with other upcoming and big artists.

“Am striving to come up with entire best to my fans. Each and every month, i have to release a song because have a lot of songs that have already recorded, have done collaborations with my fellow musicians” said Successor

Listen to ‘Mwananga Wapita’ Which is available on Malawi-music.com here >>> CLICK

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