Mangochi-based gospel music outfit, The Jericho Angels Choir has released three songs off their Mwabvala Zachilendo album.

The three songs are titled; Mawu a Yehova, Moyo ndi dhilu which featured Allan Jogi and Mwabvala Zachilendo a title track of the album.

In an Interview with Collins Chimpeni, The Jerichos Angels Choir Master, said the album has 10 tracks.

According to Chimpeni, the album is carrying messages of hope and the good news of Jesus Christ.

He added that their mandate as believers is to lead people to the right path by following what the bible says.

A Brief Background Of The Jerichos Angels Choir

Initially, the choir was formed in 1990 but had their first studio session in 2010 when they released their first album titled Nkhwangwa.

After that they released their second album Mukananvera and Mwabvala Zachilendo is their third album.

According to Chimpeni, the choir is the mother of the infamous Great Angels choir, which he also admitted that they look up to them beside the Ndirande Anglican Voices and internationally, Soweto Gospel Choir.

The 25 choir member, hails from Monkey Bay Mangochi at Msaka Church Africa Presbytery (CAP).

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