Young celebrated musician Eli Njuchi is ready to launch his awaited album “Red Flag” in Mangochi this coming Saturday.

This is a third studio album from the young artiste who recently launched his Football Bonanza in Mangochi earlier this week.

Among the songs in the album is the controversial “Gu Gu Gu” hit which earned the singer an interview on BBC RADIO.

Last week Eli Njuchi released another song from the album titled “Bodza” which has also been trending in many quarters.

Hopes are high that Eli Njuchi will again fill Mangochi stadium after successfully filling Robins Park in 2020.

Gwamba, Sangie, Driemo, Piksy, Black Nina and Atoht Manje are some of the artists lined up to spice up the launch which is Eli Njuchi’s third project.

His other works are The Book of Z and The Book of Eli.

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