Renowned musician Keturah has left for United States of America (USA) where she is set to record an album.

The artist has left for America for the music project courtesy of Luc Deschamps and Marie Da Silva from Jacaranda Foundation who reached out to their colleague in USA.

Deschamps, who is also Jacaranda Cultural Centre Director, wrote on his Facebook page that he was happy that Keturah would be recording her album in USA.

“When Keturah told Marie Da Silva and I she was looking for a new sound and new ideas for her album, we decided to help. We sent her songs to our friend, Grammy nominated producer Harlan Steinberger who owns state of the art recording studio Hen House Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Harlan loved Keturah’s music and offered to record her album with world famous Playing For Change band as her back up band…

“We are thrilled at Jacaranda Cultural Center and Maison de la France to support one of the great talents of Malawi – and we can’t wait to hear the new music Keturah will be recording in the coming days!” wrote Deschamps.

The afro-pop artist recently released a song titled Achisale.

The song came after she appeared to have been struggling with mental health. In March, Keturah shocked Malawians when she posted that “she was once alive” which suggested she was contemplating suicide.

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