Gospel singer Martha Mituka has to her catalogue a new song titled “Kufooka Kwa Mtima Wanga” as she is still sailing through her journey of preaching the word of God.

Martha is joined by Dan Chazama on this praise and worship song imbued with deep meaning made for all.

The concept and the delivery show cased on this song proves she is not an average singer but one who understands fully on how to communicate with listeners on a song so that they be able to grasp the message.

In the song, the two, Martha and Dan picture themselves as a person who always try to stay strong in a Christian way but usually ending up falling into temptations of worldly activities that do not correspond to the word of God. Hence that, he’s asking for God’s intervention in order to keep him steady.

“Kufooka kwa mtima kwanga, mbuye mundilimbitse// Kufooka kwa thupi langa, mbuye mundilimbitse// Kufooka kwa mzimu wanga, mbuye mundilimbitse// Kulephera kuganiza, mbuye mundithandize,” Martha sings on the chorus of the song.

On the second verse of the song, Dan Chazama comes in singing, “Ndigwireni dzanja, ambuye wanga// Ndisayende ndekha mdzikoli// Poti nkhndo timenya siyathupi ndi yamwazi.”

The song is based on real life situations that we all as human likely pass through. The magic production of the song was done by the legendary Ralph Ching’amba.

Martha Mituka started singing while she was very young in Masintha CCAP church Choir. She has been in the gospel music arena for more than 20 years.

In 1997 she decided to join Masintha Revolution Singers whereby through travelling in various places, she developed a feeling to be a solo singer. She has about three albums to her name.

In 2009 and 2010 she performed at the Lake of Stars and she travelled abroad several times.


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