Cynthia Celebrates Birthday In Music As She Gifts Fans With Brand New Song M’malere


Up and coming Gospel songstress Cynthia real name Cynthia Natasha Yaruma has released a new song M’malere as she is celebrating her birthday today.

According to Cynthia the song is a gift to her fans for riding with her as she is establishing her music career.

Speaking in an interview with this, Cynthia said God’s goodness and wisdom is what inspired her to come up with the recent tune.

“We serve a God who’s all wise and all knowing. In His goodness He allows us to tap from that. And with the little knowledge we have accessed from Him, it’s amazing how we can be able to operate, create, innovative, invent, produce and profit,” she said.

According to Cynthia, M’malere is an appreciations song in which she is acknowledging the wisdom and knowledge of God.

She also reminded people that everything they have or achieved in their lives is an aftermath of God’s wisdom and knowledge.

“So basically M’malere is an appreciation song. This is me celebrating the Knowledge and wisdom of God. Whatever we think we can or have achieved in life it’s because we are taking advantage and making good use of that knowledge and wisdom,” she said.

Cynthia added; “Every time I think I understand Him, He comes around to prove there is more in Him. Am always amazed by the fact that I will never get enough of Him and get to measure the depth of His wisdom and that keeps me craving for more of Him.”

This is her third official single and has been produced at Chord studios.

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