Driemo Visits Mr Splash


Malawian musician, Driemo, took his time to visit Geoffrey Kapusa, well known as Mr Splash, the former host of the music show “Music Splash” on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

Kapusa made waves weeks ago after a video circulated on social media, showing some members of MBC donating assorted items to him. This happened after they realized that things were not going well in his life, and he was seen crying in the video.

The video sparked different reactions among social media users. Some blamed Kapusa’s ex-wife for leaving him to suffer from loneliness, while others stepped in by donating various items and money to the legend.

Sharing on his Facebook page, Driemo expressed that Kapusa had played a role in producing legends in the music industry, and therefore, he deserved respect.

“From Cosoma, I went straight to meet Uncle Geoffrey Kapusa. The man who helped create the legends we look up to today. Those who create legends deserve a lot of love and respect.”

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