Diktator drops new single featuring Bucci

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Diktator is not a man that usually gets it wrong. This smart, young business-minded, radio presenter has managed to keep his fans on the edge throughout his music career, taking his time in between songs and delivering powerful music that sticks to the airwaves and is resident on top of the charts. Just a few hours ago Diktator released his latest single from the long awaited Diktatorship 2 album, the song is called “Zokhumba” and the song features r&b sensation of the moment Bucci, who has been busy this year jumping on all the heavy hits. If you didn’t already download it in the morning…. Enjoy this single for free now, if you got it how do you feel about it? Diktator ft Bucci – Zokhumba http://m.malawi-music.com/1844_diktator_-_zokhumba_(feat_bucci)/

This is what happens with Diktator links up with Bucci
This is what happens with Diktator links up with Bucci
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  1. We are three young gentlemen namely Lano Chiipira aka Abatiya , Chikondi Govati aka Tym temper and Omar Abbas aka Omex , we are bringing in a different flavour to Malawian music .we mix rap and singing brings a certain uniqueness to our style Tym temper doing the singing while Abatiya and Omex do the rapping. And we have Steven Mbewu aka D-Boy as our promoter ,producer and Director


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