Nde’feyo Music Entertainment’s record label has signed up-and-comingdancehall artist Trumel, managers have said.
The 28-year-old, Truemale Bonnface, sealed the deal this week

“Trumel is going to be with us for a long term. We are excited to add this huge talent to our roster,” says the label’s co-director Ken Limwame. “He has been under our radar for a long time; we were waiting for the right time to seal the deal.”

According to Nde’feyo managers, the artist’s addition will provide a balance to the company’s set up. His dancehall/reggae/afro-pop style will provide an important dimension to Nde’feyo Music label, they said in a statement made available to the media.

“Every artist is unique and so is Trumel. His career journey is also going to be unique. We are committed to do his talent justice, as we continue to play our part in the development of music in the country,” adds Limwame.

The deal, among others includes recording, management, promotion and touring.
Popular for his song ‘Let it go’, the up and coming artist is set to join Armstrong and Piksy under the label.

And in his remarks after signing the deal, Trumel describes it a precious thing because it is a bridge that will take him to the other side of his music career.

“Nde’feyo is a bridge to get me to the other side…this is the moment I have been waiting for in my career. As a dancehall artist from Malawi I don’t want to end here, I want to be heard far…with the coming of Nde’feyo I now know where my destiny lies…I have met a lot that would have made me quit music, but God and the support that I have been getting from people got me here,” he says.

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