Indian Pakistan Ole Ole J-Raj ft Josh
J-Raj’s first official J-mix featuring the vocals of the powerful Indo-Pak duo JoSH!
This is a rendition of the original track from the film “Yeh Dillagi”

Malawian Ole Ole feat Genesis & Jay Josh – Gomezgani
Listen to it here


So Imagine how surprised we were to see an underground group of Malawian gospel rappers on top of the charts this week.  At first we thought this was an abnormality or a bug, it was impossible for Ole Ole to be getting so much Pakistan/India traffic.  Then later we found out actually there is a song with a similar title currently being played in Pakistan and India, not only that but also the featured artist sort of have similar names, where by they are both called Josh even though these are two different people from two different parts of the world.


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