Maphava” is the term used in urban Malawi for a lot of pocket money other wise known as stacks, (racks and racks) of money. So its no wonder the song attracted and includes A-list major features starting from Maskal, Young Kay, Blak Jak, Dj Kenny Klips and Smitty Bun.  

The song originates from Smitty Bun’s untitled album and we think for an upcoming artist who is so connected and could put such known artists from different genres together in one song is definitely worth a play.  Maskal is on chorus doing his usual rnb demonstration whilst the rest enter the three verses with their own versions of how they are spending their “Maphava” 

Listen to Maphava on Malawi Music Website Ft Klips,Young Kay, BlakJak, Maskal – Smitty Bun Simpson  

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