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As much as we love to hear or listen to GOOD music from where ever it comes from (especially right here on Nyimbo Zachimalawi), this art is a gold mine industry which has made many people’s lives happier and much better than before. With that being said, we are proud to be the number one site in the world to discover, stream and download music from Malawi but at the same time we would like to see the artists who contribute to the prominence of this site also benefit.

Now how impossible is it for you to like/love a song so much and not be willing to buy it???? This question counteracts with another question;   How can you buy music when it is hardly available for purchase?

To you the listener, don’t you think its your obligation to legally own the music you like??

To you the artist, don’t you think its your main duty to promote your music and make your music easily available for purchase?

We can start pointing fingers at each other on who to blame but the fact remains that this good music we are enjoying from Malawi needs to put some paper in the pockets of those releasing it.
On the same note, how can a song be a hit all over Malawi on radio, in the clubs, at the zinkhoswe, wedding, bridal shower, house parties, car stereos and the artists isn’t getting paid a tambala off this?

We need to check this thoroughly with a magnifying glass and come correct with a solution this year.  This year we are hoping to work with more artists, radio stations and DJs to make sure that Malawi music  industry is breathing again and the money is ending up in the right hands.

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