Young Kay


It has been about three years since Young Kay last released an album. His debut album First Impression was certified as the biggest selling Hip Hop album in the history of Malawi (though you and I both know it wasn’t 100% Hip Hop), he gave us some solid hits with the likes of Photo Book and Utawaleza both featuring Maskal, Kuusumana and Anankabango featuring Tigris. Now the interesting thing is that throughout these 3 years since the release of his debut album, he has been headlining almost each and every show around the country performing the same hits, meaning this dude has been rapping the same tracks for 3 years!!!!!!! Let’s not hang the dude out on the laundry line to dry because he surprised us with two teasers from his “upcoming” album (I put inverted comas because it has been upcoming for a year now) namely Zipepese and Pauchidolo which gave us hope that the dude isn’t retiring, but the question is, When Is the Album dropping guys???? I think Young Kay is caught up perfecting his perfection to give us another album that can keep him relevant for the next 3 years coming. Let’s hope we’re not disappointed after patiently waiting.

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