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Have you ever imagined the live music scene in Malawi without Lucius Banda & Zembani and Black Missionaries? I was going through our newspapers and discovered these two names are always on the road performing (on tour all year) but we never seem to get tired of watching them perform for us as frequently as they do.

Some say its because we are just are used to their songs but I say its the music clarity these two music giants offer because every time I go to watch them, its always a whole different experience even with the same music and that’s what Third Eye would call DEEP. At each show I happen to find something new in the music of which is practically almost every Malawian’s soundtrack (I said almost everyone so “MaYoh” inu stop giving me the Tyson face) and that’s what pulls us to every show these artists have.  Its true that when a band/artist performance is good, the can do major shows by themselves but when the performance lacks that’s why promoters have to combine 3-4 artist in one show, just so that the people don’t leave disappointed.

Now the new breed of artists aka the “urban artists” can learn a lot from Lucius Banda and the Black Missionaries when it comes to performances, remember when its you behind the mic on the stage with people like me and others in the crowd paying devalued kwacha at the gate,its not about you reciting your tracks which we all know word for word since you perform them at every show you’re at, but  Its about your performance. It looks like am stomping my size 11 Timberland boots on the “urban music” (LOL) parade..yes I am excluding Blasto, Dominant 1 and Third Eye..these individuals give us a stunning performance whenever they’re on stage and I never regret the MK1,000 I have to depart with to experience that..but for the rest of you…I wouldn’t pay grass to come watch you recite your 3 or 4 singles, grow up and learn how to perform!!! Kabeech???!!!!!!??

Billy Blanco

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