Its surprising to see a lot of male acts in the Malawi music scene at the moment.  Gender equality in the music industry around here does not exist, that’s if you haven’t realized it yet. We have so many male musicians in almost each and every genre you can think of in Malawi.  For you who like statistics;  we could even say for every 50 males doing music in Malawi you’ll find only one female (a ratio of 50:1). Lets point out the ladies running things in music scene here at the moment , to quickly round them all up by name; Wendy Harawa, Kalista, Lilia, AyCee James, Monalisa, Tuks, Trizza C, Rina, Tigris, Hazel (if I have forgotten any name please pardon me that means we practically don’t know you). So what should we say is the problem with the ladies, they don’t like music??? We even overheard some male artists complaining about the hustle they have go through just to find a female voice to add backing vocals on their songs. That is not healthy for the music industry to have a scarcity of female voices, we really need to look into this matter or else our Malawian music will be an all male sport.

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