Example of a shopping cart / Shopping basket.Example of a shopping cart / Shopping basket.

Press Release February 2013

We are proud to announce that Nyimbo Zachimalawi also known as Malawi Music website will now be selling and distributing Malawian music online for the small price of £0.99 a song and £10.00 for an album.  All songs sold will be in full length and of CD quality in mp3 format while albums will be zipped, in a single file with all mp3 files inclusive and details on how to unzip the files.  Website visitors will still be able to stream and download free promotional Malawian music on the site.  All the songs and albums  that will be sold on the site will not contain the Malawi Music promotional tag that we have been using to distribute other free material on the site.

The buying processing through the website will be supported by Google checkout cart also known as Google Wallet.  Google Wallet is a fast and secure checkout process that helps new customers by allowing them to buy from the site quickly and easily with a single account from Google.  Google Wallet is used in over 140 countries to purchase goods and services online, Malawi music buyers can be assured that their transactions through the website are safe and secure.  Google Wallet will keep track of all transactions and operate bank transfers on our behalf.  Google Wallet is a reputable brand in e-commerce transactions and guarantees all buyers that their credit/debit card transactions will be 100% safe and fraud-free.  It is our goal to provide Malawi music customers with a fast and convenient checkout process, so that they get to download the music they want and legally own it at the same time supporting the local music industry in Malawi.

You can purchase music on Nyimbo Zachimalawi using all major credit and signature debit cards from VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover®.  To buy music on www.malawi-music.com find the “Add to Cart” button next to the song or the album that you would like to buy.

You will find this button on the website
Example of “Add to cart” button on Malawi Music website

When you click on this “Add to Cart” button you will see your shopping basket appear on the top right section of your screen.  This shopping basket is also known as the shopping cart and it will contain all the songs that you have chosen to buy.  When you have selected all the songs that you would like to purchase, you can expand your shopping cart on the top right corner by clicking “View cart” and at the bottom of the shopping cart you will see a button that says “Buy with Google”.

Example of a Shopping basket/cart

Click on the “Buy With Google” button so that we can send your shopping basket to Google and after that Google will ask you to register (For first time users) or log into your account so that they can process the transaction.  Upon completion of the Google Wallet Checkout process and after your card has been successfully charged, on the order confirmation page; you will be presented with a download link and a license key for each of the songs that you purchased.  Click on the download link which says “Click here to retrieve your purchase” to download your song or album.  Each song and album has its own download link and license key.

The license key is a unique number that is associated with each purchase of a song or album on Nyimbo Zachimalawi.  The license keys and download links are stored in your Google Wallet account for future reference.  Please note that while we would like you to legally own Malawian music and support local artists, it would be unlawful for you to sell these mp3s to other people or upload them on any website for public or commercial use.  So we encourage our customers to use the music in a Godly and Christian way knowing that the artists in Malawi are suffering and need support and for their music to be purchased so that they finally financially gain from their God-given talents.

Due to the wide number of artists in Malawi, it would take us a very long time to upload all songs and albums from the beginning up until now,  and make them all available for sale on the Malawi Music website .  As a result we agreed to start with 2 catalogues from 2 well known artists in Malawi namely;  Lucius Banda and Black Missionaries.  Lucius Banda has 17 albums that are to added to Malawi music with each song on the album available for legal purchase.  Whilst Black Missionaries have 9 albums of which contain songs that are to be released and also made available online for sale through Nyimbo Zachimalawi.

We hope you are excited as we are about this new addition to the Malawi music website.  We look forward to working with record companies and other new artists to get their music up on the site as quickly as possible and make it available for sale and legal ownership.  We understand that this is a very challenging task and a beginning to a new era; hence we ask for your patience and understanding in order to make all music from Malawi available online.  We are committed to providing artists with a means of distribution that will be beneficial to them and their families while the industry adjusts to the developments that is happening on the internet.  We encourage all Malawians abroad and friends of Malawi to come visit the www.malawi-music.com website and buy music from their favourite artists, just like you would do on iTunes or Amazon.

Kind regards and all the best!!

MFM Team.



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