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Kunditcha Fredo is the studio album by Malawian rapper Fredokiss, released on May 22, 2012, on lo Budget Records in Blantyre, Malawi. The album propelled Fredokiss into immediate stardom rapper status and cemented him as a professional musician. It is Fredokiss’s debut album and his best selling album to date & its rated 5 stars on by the people who like hiphop music and listened, downloaded the album.

This album is the only hip-hop album that’s not “urban-music” to be released in Malawi in the past 2 years. The album debuted at #1 on the Malawi Music Top 20 chart. Upon its release, which was at Shire Highlands Hotel, the album received generally mixed to positive reviews from most music critics, while hip hop purists felt his aims to be a crossover success had compromised the quality and complexity of his music.

profSpeaking in April 2013 to a noted Malawi Music Blog urban writer, Fredokiss described the background to the album’s lyrical themes: “Primarily I see myself as so much more than a rapper. I really believe I’m the voice for a lot of people who don’t have that microphone or who can’t rap. So I wanted to represent and tell the story of everybody who’s been through what I’ve been through, or knows somebody that has. I also wanted to speak about our lifestyle to people who – though they may live, say, in the ghetto and not be part of that world – still want to know about it and understand it.”

Several tracks on this album feature a rougher sound than the glossier Dare Devils production most notably produced by GD  beatmaker of the Dare Devils. With the exception of vit2 on “Nambewe” featuring Ace Dirty of which many people like the song because of the sample used from a famous Nigerian band.  This would also be Fredokiss’s first album to feature his long time friend hiphop legend Jolly bro.

This album contains some of the popular hits that are currently being played in Malawi, including the controversial “Ndikatseka Maso” (Watch video) and the club hit “Kunditcha Fredo” (Watch video). Fredokiss has recorded two videos for this album which are also available on Youtube.

Kunditcha Fredo album is currently on sale on Malawi Music for £10.00. You can also buy each of the songs for £0.99.

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