Malawian music icon heads to South Africa this week for a series of concerts in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.
The legendary musician told Malawi news that apart from launching his 17th album ‘Time’ in the three cities, he will also seek to find avenues for distributing Malawian music in the Rainbow Nation.
“Why am I taking this launch to South Africa? Because Malawi has an extra district, and it’s called South Africa. There are so many Malawians in South Africa so much that ignoring that market is being unfair to them,” he said.
Lucius added: “The last time I was in Johannesburg recording ‘Time’ at Downtown Studios, word went out that I was there and when I got out of the studio there were so many Malawians outside waiting to meet me. This shows how much support we have in South Africa.”
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The music icon cited that the huge Malawian population in South Africa presents an opportunity for Malawian musicians as they have an opportunity to offer support.
“Ever since we announced these South African shows, the number of calls coming from South Africa have been overwhelming, so I can’t wait to repay this loyalty by giving the fans there some really memorable shows,” he said.
“All the times we have performed in South Africa we have received tremendous support so it is an honour for me to perform there once again.”
Lucius and Zembani Band begin their South Africa tour on Friday at Safari Hotel in Hillbrow, they move to Scallas Café in Durban on Friday before winding up the weekend with a performance at Tijake in Bruma on Sunday.
The weekend after, the party moves to the upmarket venues in Rosherville, Kempton Park and Pretoria.
“The remaining two weeks we are in Cape Town where we will play at Capricorn, Hout Bay, Westlake and Stellenbosch.”
According to Lucius, original CDs and DVDs of ‘Time’ will be on sale during the events.
“I know that most people buy pirated copies not out of want, but because they have no choice. So this is an opportunity for the people who love our music to buy the CDs and DVDs directly from us.”
Lucius disclosed that the lack of a legal distributor of Malawian music in South Africa has prompted him to approach record labels to prompt them to distribute Malawian music.
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