Misunderstood by many but loved and respected by all, the deep mc Third Eye returns with a new album titled ‘Third World Citizen’. Without a question we already know that it’s another book of knowledge from the philosopher rapper who has more words to mince than the average rapper you know but as of the moment no single has been released though we have heard three new offerings recently namely; Afana Ndi Wotopa (featuring Sirius), Revelation (featuring Maskal and Young Kay) and Malawi Lets Go (featuring Gwamba and a new singing voice named Zione). We were told neither of these singles is on the new album.
Third Eye is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa and all the works for the Third World Citizen album have been done at Post Office Production Studios under Mpumi Dlamini from Swaziland. Word is that the first singles off the album will be released next week as the album drops on Malawi’s Independence Day 6th July, 2013.thirdeye

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