Samsung Malawi CEO Damani Akridge with winner Rodrick Kambalame
Samsung Malawi CEO Damani Akridge with winner Rodrick Kambalame

Malawian filmmaker Rodrick Kambalame emerged the winner the just concluded Samsung Short Film Challenge.

The winning film, “Fallen Flower” topped the short five films that made it into the final and Kambalame walked away with MWK100,000 in prize money. Fallen Flower was judged to have had the best content and quality.

In accepting his prize Kambalame said, “I would like to thank Samsung for this competition which gave us the opportunity to practise what we learnt recently. I hope this short film can be developed into a one hour film if I identified sponsors.”

Samsung Partner Chimwemwe Chikwana said the organisers were satisfied with the response from the “Film In A Box” graduates who submitted their films. “We want to keep the momentum going so we are reaching out to strategic partners so that we may expose and promote these short films.”

Chikwana said the organizers would like to see the film makers being active. “This will help build a good base for the film industry because we support the concept of Malawian Film Revolution,” he said.





The top five films the made it to the final were:

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